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460 Main st.
Bethlehem, Pa. 18018


The Foo Foo Shoppe offers a wide range of bath and body products from the finest brands on the market today.Lotions, body wash, soaps, hand creams, and perfumes made in the USA. We also carry hundreds of different kinds of Rubber ducks (Having a bath without a Rubber duck just isn't right)  We also have a wide range of fun products.  The Foo Foo Shoppe, a fusion of elegance and humor!

Primal Elements soaps

vegetable glycerin soap by the slice in a variety of scents and designs.

EVERGREEN TWIST 6.0 oz. Bar Soap


EVERGREEN TWIST 6.0 oz. Bar Soap


A crisp herbal-woody blend. Notes of California Lemon, Siberian Fir and wild mint. Just a hint of eucalyptus for a fresh twist.

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